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Nova Era brings an exciting new sound to the classic Disney musical library.

This compilation collects all your favorite and most memorable Disney songs in one magical place!

Re-live some of Disney’s most popular musical moments with the unique sound of Nova Era! Features 12 Tracks

The Magic of Nova Era
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"Fortissimo" explores the band’s amazing journey across a wide, Classically infused musical landscape. Features 15 Original works by Producer Andres Roca and his arrangements of well known Classical melodies from Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart.

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Our debut CD featuring Contemporary classical compositions…a happy medium between the days of Mozart and today’s pop. Dramatic yet splashy with a blend of solid rhythms.“This CD contains 12 Tracks with no overlapping music”

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Modern, dynamic arrangements of classics by Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach and more. Marvel at the great technical ability and agility exhibited by the musicians of Nova Era.
“This CD contains 13 Tracks with no overlapping music”

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14 all new Original and well-known melodies. “Crescendo” defines a year of immense Artistic and Professional growth for Nova Era. It is a continuing Musical journey that explores the past, present and future.
“This CD contains 14 Tracks with no overlapping music”

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The 4th CD release by Nova Era. A “relaxing”musical potpourri of current events, culture with influences ranging from Mozart to the contemporary.
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Features 11 timeless Christmas songs performed by Nova Era. A holiday treat for all ages.
“This CD contains 11 Tracks 

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A Nova Era Christmas
Nova Era DVD

A Night In Venice is an unforgettable journey of sight and sound. Experience the beautiful music of Nova Era.performed in the historic Palazzo Zenobio in romantic Venice, Italy!


Nova Era is completely enchanting, performing electrifying music

in the picture perfect settin.


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Nova Era


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